What's the difference between qualitative and quantitative medical record analysis?


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Typically qualitative data involves words and quantitative data involves numbers.  Another major difference between the two is that qualitative research is inductive and quantitative research is deductive. In qualitative research, a hypothesis is not needed to begin research. However, all quantitative research requires a hypothesis before research can begin.
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Quantitative research and analysis has to do with deductive reasoning not necessarily the quantity. Quantitative research and analysis are based on facts and some forms are structured interviews, surveys, questionnaire's, etc. "it is deductivist and objectivist and incorporates a natural science model of research" -SOCIAL RESEARCH METHODS CDN edition Alan bryman and James teevan

Qualitative-"inductive, constructionist, and interpretivist" from above source
this means it has to do with opinions and feelings some methods are unstructured interviews and focus groups

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