Identify the environmental and managerial forces affecting personal selling?


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There are two sets of factors which can influence the quality of personal selling. The first set is directly related to the context where such a transaction takes place and it includes: Lifestyle of the two persons involved (seller and customer); how well do these persons actually know each other; the buyer’s purchasing power; and, last but not least, the quality of the product in relation to other similar goods on the market. The second set refers to seller’s persuasive power: How fast he or she can convince the customer; how well he or she describes the relevance of the new product for the customer; and how much they succeed to make the transaction seem less economic and more personal.

The principle behind personal selling is that in today’s society people are more prone to spend on objects sold by friends or people they know because they can trust these persons more. This adds to the fact that a personal environment, like having a coffee at one’s place, induces trust and gives the impression that the product is better than regular supermarket products.

However, a seller needs to pay great attention during the process to make sure this doesn’t affect his or her relations in any way, whilst optimizing the selling procedure. This is why, when it comes to personal selling, you need to negotiate between the general context and personal circumstances, and choose the right words with great care.

To simplify the answer, here’s a list of things that directly influence personal selling:

- Negotiating the price may be useful to both, by ensuring the customer that you care for him or her and still selling the products.
- Keeping your product description simple helps you spend less time and it also helps your customer decide whether he or she wants the product or not.
- Offer specific information each and every time your client asks for it.
- This is where you can use all the fields of your electronic organizer: Don’t forget about your client’s birthday, pet, kids, passions and, basically, anything related to his or her personal

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