Can an electronic engineer get hired for the same job as an electrical engineer or not?


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Even though some people may use the terms 'electrical engineering' and 'electronics engineering' interchangeably, there are actually some key differences between the two fields. So to answer your question, an electronics engineer would probably not be able to get hired for the same job as an electrical engineer without prior experience.

Below is an explanation of what the roles of an electrical engineer and electronic engineer involve and the key differences between them.

  • Electrical engineer
The primary responsibilities of a person who works as an electrical engineer would be to do with the development, creation and testing of electrical equipment. When it comes to the time when these electrical devices need to be manufactured, electrical engineers are responsible for overseeing the manufacturing process. Electrical engineers will also be in charge of fixing any problems that arise that are to do with electrical such as homes, cars and airplanes.

  • Electronics engineer
The job role of an electronics engineer is more focusing on the design, development, testing and manufacturing for example portable music devices. It is also possible for electronics engineers to specialize in a specific area such as control systems or communications.

  • The distinction between these two roles
The main difference that should be observed between an electrical and electronics engineer is simply the amount of electricity or electrical current that each one deals with during their duties.

People who work as electrical engineers will use a greater amount of electricity because they deal with power equipment and structures. Electrical engineers are more concentrated on the electrical wirings and utilities in buildings. They may also work on power structures that operate wind turbines, solar energy and electric motors; which obviously require a great amount of electricity.

Whereas electronics engineers will only work with a smaller current as they are more focused on producing small equipment designed for everyday use such as televisions, mobile phones and MP3 players.
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