What are two different kinds of call center?


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The two main types of call centers are inbound and outbound call centers. They are used by a number of businesses to accomplish various different tasks.

Inbound call centers most typically are used in customer service and feature employees who mainly take calls from customers who have technical problems and other issues. Outbound call centers for the most part are used to market a product or service to the general public. Both are integral parts of many modern companies and many businesses have both an inbound and outbound call center or a mix of the two.

Main functions of outbound call centers

An outbound call center can do more tasks than just marketing and selling a product. They are also used to conduct market research, follow-up on service calls, and marker surveys. One of the biggest trends in business over the past two decades has been the outsourcing of these services to other companies.

One of the main reasons is savings in cost, and many call center companies have proven more effective in operations than the traditional in-house call centers that were used for years.

Main functions of Inbound call centers

An inbound call center can also do more than simply answer questions. They can sell products to consumers who have questions. Many companies have call centers that are open 24/7 to help customers and aid in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Like outbound call centers, the trend in recent years has also been to outsource inbound calling centers, often to companies that are located overseas to save money while keeping customer service at a high level.

Importance of a call center in today's business

Both inbound and outbound call centres are important parts of a company that wants to grow its business and expand on their customer bases. A good call center experience for a customer can go a long way in building a business the right way and maintaining a loyal customer base.

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As explained above, there are inbound and outbound call centers.
Inbound call centers are set to work with their own employees to handle the customer support/service.
I.e., Customer service is rendered by themselves.

Outbound call centers are those who serve for your client. They are the third parties who provide their support to the customers of others business.
I.e., Customer service provided in-spite of an an organization.
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Call Center is a place equipped to
handle large number of telephone calls for business purposes. Call Center’s
services consist of inbound and outbound services.

When customer care agent
transmitted large number of calls for telemarketing, product advertisement,
getting feedback etc among clients, these types of service is known as Outbound
Call Center Services.

When client or potential customers do calls to company
customer care center for any enquiry purposes then this one is in inbound

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