What Are The Responsibilities Of Call Center Agent?


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Working within a call centre can include both a variety and large quantity of responsibilities. With ever growing technology, the number of services that a call centre is able to offer is increasing. This increase in services means that there will also be an increase in responsibilities for agents working in a call centre. If the responsibilities of these tasks and services are carried out successfully and efficiently by a call centre agent, then it will have a beneficial effect on the company as a whole. These responsibilities can include billing support, collections, complaint resolution, document processing, inquiry services, telemarketing and technical support.

Billing support responsibilities require call centre agents to be able to deal with customers questions about billing statement charges, interest rates or other related topics. An agent needs to be able to know the most up to date information and be able to help customers in a quick and friendly fashion. Some organisations may require agents to be responsible for the collection of debts while others may need them to deal with customer complaints. Both services require agents to be patient and understanding as well as be able to keep customers calm and negotiable.  Call centre agents might need to be responsible for document processing. This will involve completing forms, such as memberships or orders, over the phone for a customer. Call centre agents who are responsible for inquiry services will be trained to answer common and more unusual frequently asked questions. They will also know who to pass customers onto should they require more information. Telemarketing call centre agents will have the responsibility of contacting customers about current products and services being offered by the company. Finally, call centre agents may have the responsibility of working within a technical support group. This will require agents to be knowledgeable and current with all of the services customers may be querying.
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To provide customer satisfaction by giving extra mile of service to your customer. Knows how to listen to customer's complaints and provide first call resolution to the problem.  Active listener and a proactive agent.
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It ups to industry requirement. It is changing day to day as new requirements given by the client. Anyhow, some of the general requirements are as following.

- Must be Fluent in English
- Good communication skills.
- Good customer dealing.
- Good convincing power.
- Confident and self motivated.
- Must be energetic.
- Hardworking and punctual.
- Team-player abilities
- Consistency
- Eager to learn
- Accept challenges and sales pressure

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-Support and provide superior service via phones.
-Use questioning and listening skills that support effective telephone communication.
-Use an effective approach to handle special telephone tasks like call transfers, taking messages, call backs, holds, interruptions, and unintentional disconnects.
-Understand the impact of attitude in handling calls professionally
-Effectively deal with job stress, angry callers, and upset customers
-Apply the proper telephone etiquette to satisfy various customer situations.
-Apply appropriate actions to effectively control a telephone call.
-Identify voice skills and how to enhance a good telephone presentation.
-Meets commitments to customers.
-Other duties as assigned.

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