Trying to get a copy of my last 2 pay stubs?


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I would think the only way you would be able to get copies of previous pay slips or pay stubs would be to go back to the people that issued them in the first place. If you are an employee of a company then I would think your employer would be able to give you these, it may take a few days to retrieve them but you should be able to get copies with no problem. Most salary systems nowadays are generally computerized so this shouldn't be too difficult to retrieve.

If you are no longer working for the company then it is still worth a phone call or drop them an email and ask them. You will be surprised how helpful most people are, especially if you left them on good terms. If you still are unable to get them for whatever reason and you need these for proof of earnings then maybe a letter from your employer or ex employer confirming your salary may be acceptable. Make sure that they give details of how long you have worked for them and what your monthly or weekly pay is or was.

It really depends on the reason you need them and who is asking. If you get paid directly into your bank then a bank statement may be enough to prove your earnings. As long as the salary is seen to be going into you bank on a regular weekly or monthly basis and the name of the company shows quite clearly on the bank statement, then this may be acceptable. You could blank out any other transactions that you don't want anyone else to see and just show the date and the salary details.

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