How Do I Get A Copy Of My W-2 For 2008?


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The W-2, a tax form issued by your employer that states how much income you made in a given year, may be important in an audit from the IRS, or in a court proceeding. There are a couple ways of obtaining copies of your 2008 W-2 tax form.

1. Contact your employer and ask them to reissue the W-2 tax form for 2008. This is always the easiest, most direct way of obtaining an old W-2 tax form, or any tax form for that matter: Going to the source.

2. If for some reason your employer can’t or won’t relinquish a copy of your 2008 W-2 tax form, you can also get it directly from the IRS. This can be done either online or over the phone.

3. At the United States IRS website,, you can search for Form 4506, which is printable and comes with instructions. In addition to allowing you to request whole transcripts of past tax returns, Form 4506 allows you to ask specifically for past W-2 tax forms.

4. It is also possible to call the IRS’ toll-free number, 1-800-829-1040, and have Form 4506 sent to you through snail mail. Once you have completed the form with the proper information required of you, whether online or through the mail it can take anywhere from six to ten weeks to have the 2008 W-2 tax form sent to you by the IRS.

The avenues for getting your 2008 W-2 tax form through the IRS are much tougher to negotiate than simply asking a former employer, but this can end up being the only option you have when you need to prove your income and a former employer is withholding information.
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You should not have a 2008 W2 yet. This year is not over. If you just quit a job they will send it to you by Jan. 31 of 2009. All you should have right now would be 2007 W2. If you have not yet received your 2007 W2 you need to call your previous job and ask for either your boss (if this is a small company) or Human Resources/Payroll Dept. If a larger company.
You can not get 2008 because this year has not yet ended.
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By law, all companies have to mail w-2's by January 31st. You can call the reporting company and ask for a duplicate, sent to the correct address.
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By the way, my answer is based on a copy of the 2007 W-2. 2008 will be issued by 1-31-2009.
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2008 W-2 Forms have not been issued. If you are asking about one issued for 2007, you would need to contact your employer for an amended or duplicate with the correct address.
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I need to get my w2 form from Dress barn in Tulalip Washington and from Macys West in Everett Washington. I am getting the runaround from everyone. I was not able to do my income tax last year because of it. They will not send me my forms how do I get them now
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You should call the company that you worked at and tell them to send you another one with the correct address.  They will contact the OPA office and forward a W-2 Correction Request along with  other documentations. Expect the process to be 10-15 days.

Or the quickest way is to go to this link and correct it:
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How Do I Get A Copy Of My W-2 For 2008?

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How can I get a copy of my w2 form from last years (2008), the fastest , without needing to go to my old work?
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You can call IRS and they can mail or fax the W-2 you are needing. Or you can go to your local IRS department and they can do the same
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Roshamba - thanks for the tip.  I'm not sure if I just got lucky or what, but I got my 2008 W-2 (needed it for a new job) in less than 10 minutes.
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Call 1800 829 1040   keeping hitting 0 unitil you get a representive then asked for individual tax returns when you get there ask for a copy of w-2
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The fastest way I'm aware of to get your old W-2s is
They can get copies of old W-2s, Tax Returns, and 1099s, and email them
to you within 15 minutes.  Hope this helps.

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