How i get my pay stub?


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If one was not given to you, you have the right to be given a copy of your payroll deduction sheet. You can request one / any / or all, for one pay period, one month, quarterly, yearly or to date. If refused, call your governing wage/labor board. They will in turn, not only send a letter to your employer, and you, they will also contact you again to inquire if you recieved the documentation from your employer.
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Thius is for Online:
Nless your employer provides that service, On line information), you cannot do it.

Obviously, even if they do, you would need access and passwords and such to get this sensitive info

Places/businesses that may claim they can provide it for you are scams,
and you are committing a fraud (easily detected) by participating and
doing it, and clearly, providing personal information at a system that,
by doing something intended to defraud others, must be suspect.

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