Is There Any Learnership Available?


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A learnership is a programme of training and learning combined in such a way that develops your skills in a particular area of the workplace. It features a learning the theory and the academic skills combined with the practical skills required to operate sufficiently in your chosen field of work.

This kind of programme can basically be looked at as a way of preparing yourself for the academic and practical challenges that would await you in a particular area of work.

Furthermore, you will also be provided with a recognised qualification upon completing your learnership, which is registered by the NQF (which is the National Qualifications Framework) or another qualification governing body that is relevant to your particular area of residence.

Leanerships are readily available in a number of fields of work that all require various degrees of academic and practical knowledge. You can register for learnerships as you would for a job and they are available to you whether you are currently working or unemployed at the time.

You may even find that some form of learnership programme is offered by your current place of work and you may want to get a place on it. All that you need to do is consult your supervisor or personnel manager and ask them for any information you require about the programme.

This should include what sort of time will be required from you to dedicate to completing the project, how the academic side of the programme will be assessed as well as what sort of future this offers you in terms or promotions and future job prospects with the company you are currently working for or any future employers.

For those who are currently unemployed and are looking to start a learnership, you will need to think about what sort of field you want to conduct your learnership in. Once you have done this, compile a CV with all your personal details and previous qualifications and work experience to send off to the company you intend to do a learnership with.
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There is any learnership available for finance from 2010 to 2011.

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