How Do I Answer A Question?


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It's really easy to answer a question and share your knowledge with the world on Blurtit, but there are a few steps:

  • Sign in
  • Find a question you want to answer
  • Type you answer and hit 'Submit'

As with everything else on Blurtit, you must be signed in before you can post any answers to the site. Just do this in the normal way and you should be ready to go!

Find a question you want to answer. You can try searching the site by way of the search bar, checking out your friend's profiles for the contributions, or checking out your customized feed for your particular interests.

Once you have found a question you know the answer to and wish to let the world know about it, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find a text box. This is the 'Answer Box' and where you need to type your answer before hitting the submit button. Make sure your answer is easy to read and understand, but contains all the necessary information needed to provide the asker with an adequate response.

If you're really clued up about a certain subject, you can try adding some flair to your answers. Why not include images or video to enhance your answer? When typing your answer, just like normal, try clicking on the 'Advanced Formatting' tab at the top of the Answer Box. This will open a whole new world of possibilities to you. You can add various formatting options, URL links, pictures, and videos. If you ever find yourself confused by the wealth of options available to you, just hover your mouse over each icon and a little label will pop up.

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