How Do I Answer A Question Asking About My Weak Points?


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You will more than likely be asked this question when you are in a job interview and you need to make sure that you have an answer ready on the tip of your tongue. Pausing too long to think about a question that you are asked will not make you look very good towards your prospective employers.

First of all, you need to make sure that you are honest with your employers, but not too honest that you scare them and cause them not to give you the job.

Make sure that at first you know what your strong points are. Don't be afraid to say them out loud but be sure not to sound too obnoxious as there is a perfect balance between confidence and arrogance. Practice on your family or friends to see if you can strike the perfect balance.

When it comes to telling the employers about any weaknesses that you may have, make sure that you word it so that you still come across as being a good person and prospective employee. For example, you could start by listing a couple of your strongest points, and then finish off by saying that "you are not so good at..." but you are very eager to learn and always pick up new skills quickly.

Even though you will be asked about any weaknesses, make sure that you keep the interview situation as positive as possible by going straight back to describing your best attributes.

You can always play up your weak points to make it into a good point that your employers will like to hear. For example, "my weakest point is not being able to stop and rest when there is still important work to do." This makes you look like a good person that the company will want to hire.

The important thing for you to do before you go into an interview, is to have a couple of practice goes because some people can have problems with public speaking.
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Above all be honest, but not so honest that you frighten them.
You should know your strong points and practice saying them in an interview situation, practice on your family first.

Then of course you need to do the same with your weak points, and by the way, oneweak point is usually sufficient, they just want to know that you have a grip on the real world.
Do not scare them with a long list.
For example after telling them how good you are at marketing and what a team player you are, and that you won the salesman of the week twice, then you could simply say, I am not so good at admin, but I am willing to improve.

Well you can not be good at everything can you? Then move on to telling them your good qualities again.

Keep the interview positive. Do not bad mouth your old boss or work mates. They will imagine themselves next to be attacked by you if they employ you.

Go prepared having practiced.
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Thanks I got an idea before applying in a field that I want. Hope soon to find a better job & might get the success. I will prepare for that & do the very best that I can.
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Make sure your weakest point is not a bad thing or habit. For example, you can say your weakest point is not being able to rest when you need it because there is still so much to be done.
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It is important that you do answer this question. It shows the interviewer that you are confident about who you are and recognize that you are not perfect and do indeed have areas to improve on... Not seeing any flaws in oneself does not only make you come across arrogant, but blind to what your employer might need to help you with in making you a prized employee.
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Honestly, but don't go over board and recite a list of your failings. That may make them feel they may be getting a loser.
They would like to know they are getting someone who has a good grasp on reality and does not think he or she is perfect, and can answer a question like this without being thrown off course.
So think of two things before you go in. Keep it short, and when they ask you, let them have one.
Maybe you are not so keen on admin, tell them that you do it, as it is part of the job, but it's not your favorite part of the day.
Of course if you are applying for an administrator's job, then do not say this.
However, if you work in sales or on the telephone they generally will allow you to be less in love with admin.
Anyway, you know you weaknesses better than anyone, choose the less scary one, and practice answering the question, short is better.
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My response to this question has been to admit that I tend to be a little hard on myself if I've made a mistake and that to compensate for this I insist that if it's possible, I prefer to fix my own mistakes. This helps me to learn more and makes it less likely that my error would be repeated.

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