Can You Give Me Example How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself Question?


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The answer to tell me about yourself question depends upon really who is asking you. If its someone close like relatives or friends you should share with him your thoughts. It is the most descriptive way to tell someone about yourself as it conveys all your feelings to him (or her) and he can understand you easily and can know who you really are. And if it's someone more distant, you should not express yourself too openly. Just tell him who's your father (his profession etc), where do you belong, what do you do at leisure, what subjects you've taken and what do you plan to do in future (becoming a doc or an engineer or whatever). I hope that answers your question.
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For example: My name is Anil Kumar.Iam studying B.TECH in Electrical branch.My hobbies are cooking,listenting to music and playing cricket. Coming to my  personality Iam friendly with others,I will encourage others and I will give a chance to others to describe other ideas or feelings.Iam a self learning person and I  like blaming others.
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Simple...what do you like to do, what are your interests.....what hobbies do you you collect things....are you into you volunteer.....this is what it's meant tell me about yourself question.
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I answered a question similar to this. Hope it helps. q4860848.html
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Avoide the my self...(your name).
Use only my name is... Or
I am ...
My education is ...
Moved answer as per you are aproching for best postes in
b.p.o. Copmany.
If you use my self (friest keek there from)
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If you are applying for a job, then you must describe your professional achievements, your educational qualifications, and your hobbies, extra curricular interests, and your hobbies.
For example: state your name first, and then state your date of birth, your place of residence, and other personal details.
You can then give your profile: that is, what sort of a person you are, what you have achieved in your life, and what you hope to achieve in future. You can describe how you would handle a given situation too, if it applies to the post you are applying for.
Then, go on to describe what you have studied, how many degrees you possess, and so on. You must then describe what job you are best at, and also state where you have worked before, and for how many years.
Finally, you can state the salary that you expect, and whether or not you will compromise on it.
This should give the prospective employers a general idea about you and your personality.
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About your personality, likes/dislikes, education, place of birth, way of earning.
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A brief summary of your personal details, Education, Professional experience, Mail Order Your weaknesses and strengths - Be honest. Share one or two of your weaknesses and the way you have successfully handled these weaknesses. And do not boast your strengths. Tell about some of your strengths as having a positive impact on your professional capabilities.
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Mabey you need to explain what you look like, your hobbies and educational hisotry
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When some one asks me that question I just tell them that all they need to know about me is listed on my profile page.
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Just talk about your personal habits, your hobbies, your height, weight. Talk about where you stay, your good qualities or bad habits.
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If you are 123 to answer that question you would say I am 123 and then tell about yourself.

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