My Mom Will Not Let Me Work At A Bar. What Is Wrong With Working At A Bar? 


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Many people decide to work in bars- especially during University.

Bartending can be a very interesting trade to learn and can provide a cool and exciting work environment.

On the other hand, bar work also comes with its drawbacks, which this might be the reason your mom is so concerned.

My advice would be to find a bar that your mom would be likely to approve of, and take her there. Get her to see that not all bars are like the one in Coyote Ugly and she might view your decision in a different light!
What's wrong with working in a bar?

Coming from someone who's spent years on the 'other side' of a bar, I can tell you that it's not all fun and games. The truth is, it all really depends on the kind of bar you work at. Every bar will have it's pros and cons and, to be honest, bar work isn't for everyone.

Some negative points to working in a bar include:

  • Late nights - Most bars don't close till 11pm. This can mean you won't be home 'til well past midnight. For late license bars, closing time can be as late as 3am on a weekend.
  • No social life - Having to work late nights means you don't see much of people during the day. This can make having a relationship with someone quite difficult.
  • The drunks - Working in a bar means being surrounded by drunk people every day. Most of them are just out to have a good time, but occasionally drunk people can turn abusive or aggressive. And if you're a girl working behind a bar, you may eventually get sick of drunk guys hitting on you.

What's so great about working in a bar? Like most things in life, there is also a flip side to the coin. Working in bars means meeting new people everyday, enjoying a party-atmosphere, learning skills that help in various other fields, and also getting free drinks!

Whether you want to use these points when trying to convince your mom is a different story!
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Not a thing, as I worked in a hotel bar and nightclub from aged 16 until after I graduated at 23 - it meant I could pay my University fees, get a car to runaround in and basically look after myself.

I think some parents might be worried by the fact that both single and married guys hang out in bars.
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There is nothing wrong with working in a bar, and if you are old enough to work in a bar, then you are old enough to make your own decisions and your mum can't stop you.:))
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That is true .. I am old enough and I want money so..
Kristina Lietuvaite
Yh i get what youre saying erm why dont you try out a cafe? Their pay is quite good but dont go to turkish cafe because its dangerous as i once had a friend who was told to have sex with the boss in order to keep her i wouldnt advice you to go to turkish cafes x you could also try out shops
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Sometimes the old losers there like to mess around with girls, young girls...and she wants to protect you but is doing it the wrong way. Find something that makes better money.
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Then go do it. Or get a job mowing lawns. No SS number needed there. Clean people's houses. Wash and wax cars. Babysit. Deliver newspapers. There are lots of ways to make money.
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Nothing except some people see it as wrong because a lot of girls get a lot of attention and might to stupid things with the wrong people + you need to be old enough for such job. Also the pay isn't that good. X

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