Should I Include A List Extra-curricular Activities I Was Involved In Back In High School On My CV?


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If you are applying for seasonal summer employment while in the first couple of years at university, you may certainly include the various extra-curricular activities you were involved in while at high school, as you will probably be a little short on work experience. Nevertheless, once you have completed your undergraduate degree, or even during your last year at university, you should no longer include this information on your CV, unless it pertains directly to the job you are applying to.

Once you have a few years of university under your belt, and certainly after you have completed your degree, you should be able to list the university and community organizations you were, or are involved in, in lieu of your high school experience. You should also include any paid employment and this should feature prominently on your CV. If you have completed relevant course work at university, also include this on your CV, especially if you have takes classes in education or social work, as these can be very handy if you are trying to get a job at a school or a camp.

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