Should I Write A Cover Letter When Submitting A CV For A Job Application, And What Must I Include In It?


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Unless otherwise indicated, you should always submit a cover letter with your CV when you are applying for a posted job. A cover letter is your opportunity to convince the given firm or organization that they should call you in for an interview. In many cases, only a small proportion of applicants for a specific job are called in for an interview, while the other applications are discarded early on in the hiring process.

Your cover letter should be succinct and you must mention in a concise and coherent fashion why you are well qualified for the job and what you would bring to the workplace. Avoid repeating verbatim information that is already found in your CV, as the hiring committee will not want to read this twice. Instead, highlight your strengths and show with your language and word choice that you are truly interested in this job and company. If you can, try to show that you know something about the firm, as this will illustrate your genuine interest.

Additionally, if languages are important to this posted job, be sure to mention if you have a working knowledge of any other languages, and if you are bilingual, or even trilingual, you should make this very clear in your cover letter.

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