Do you believe everything the news tell you? Did you know they take advantage of people who watch and read the news by scaring them into thinking that it is all true? (I learned this in my Broadcasting class).


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I am totally sure that not everything the news says is true. They often misinform the public of certain problems or ideas, maybe not purposely, but they still do. It seems that they also try to make stories more sensational by adding untrue facts to what really happened, or using misleading words.
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Yes I did know they take advantage of people who will simply believe all that they say is true. It is not all true, Many lies are said in the press. Sometimes they are very near the mark for being sued. All media is propaganda. Trouble is most people believe all they tell you.
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From years of experience, the Governments control the media and allow them to print what they only tell them to do only on storys that are imnportant to Big Brother. The small stories about accidents, fires, etc are true but anything big is edited. So much for the 1st Amendment but the Governments follow no rules and do as they please so never ever believe what comes from our Governemnets or what the media tells us if the Government is involved  as I personally, due to my background have oredered many medias to print what I allowed them to

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