How Well Do You Trust Your Doctor?


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I feel I know my own body better than any doctor does.  I also have some medical training, limited as it is, but I can talk to a doctor rather intelligently.  I hate it when a doctor talks to me in a condescending tone, as I once had a doctor do.  I also had 2 dentists put off a toothache I had, for over a year, and then I ended up having to have 2 root canals and surgery on the tooth and gum, and bone to remove all the infected tissue and bone.  Costly and painful and could have been avoided.  I once had a Jewish doctor and he was the best one I ever had, kind caring and compassionate, doing all he could to help me.  He even called me at home to see how I was doing.  Don't have that happen very often.  But now I am at the mercy of the Insurance company to tell me who I can see for medical help.
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Let me put it like this: Trust him but remind him. Doctors are busy, irritated at times, have too many patients and are human. Each visit, I remind mine what I am taking and if something is added, I will talk to the pharmacist as well. If you don't feel your Doctor is giving you the attention you feel you need, find a new one. Not only should you trust your doctor with your health issues, it is a must.
Before you go, and during time before appointments, keep notes on things that concern you and present them to him with a copy of medications he gave you adding any over the counter meds you may be taking.  When you are in the hospital, it is even a  greater must to remind Doctors. Sometimes he will ask other Doctors to consult to see if they agree on your problem and treatment, or send someone who specializes in what you need taking care of. When those Doctors arrive, verbally tell them the same information above. Don't depend on them getting the information from your chart. We as patients have a great responsibility for the correct procedures we need, and entitled to the best care there is. When in doubt, always ask.
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Yes, I trust my doctor totally, and other doctors that aren't involved in my direct care, too.  When I was being seen by residents, I wasn't as impressed, so I changed to a staff doctor, who I am definitely more impressed with and is willing to listen and gives options of how to proceed--whether conservatively or more aggressive, and then goes from there instead of just saying this is what I found and what I think you should do.
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Actually, I trust my doctor completely.  That's why he's been my doctor for 30 years.  I was very annoyed after my first few appointments because they took so long.  I soon learned it was because he gives his patients the time they need.  He doesn't rush his patients as if they were on an assembly line.  He was the only doctor who was able to figure out what was wrong with me.  I can talk to him, and he will answer all my questions.  He works with me and takes very good care of me.  His office staff is also fabulous.  They have always treated me with the utmost respect and care.  I have known some of them for over twenty years, and they treat me like gold.
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I am happy for you!! I have finally found the right specialist to help me!! It feels good to have a dr listen to all the problems rather then just give you meds and send you out the door!!
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Yes.  She is the first doctor I've ever been to that takes the time to actually sit and listen to what I have to say, then asks questions, then tries to do something about it.  If it hadn't been for her deciding to check on my blood pressure (when I went in for a twitch in my one eye!), I would never have known that the BP was up to an alarming rate.  She proceeded to check my body with a stethoscope until she found a weak pulse in my abdomen, and sent me to the hospital that day for an angiogram.  Two days later I had a renal arterial transplant that saved my right kidney from shutting down (and probably also saved me from having a fatal heart attack or stroke from the blood pressure rising so high!)
Not as much as most do...I trust myself to listen to my own body...♥nassy
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I trust mine, but I get upset when I can't get the meds I need for the attacks. I hate having to go to the e.r. To get them. I have to be in a state of sheer panic to get them.
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I never trust my Dentist and Neurologist. But there is no way to report them with proofs. They have very good relationship with authorities.
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I have a lawyer on top off it!! I do have all my records and so does the lawyer! the specialist is backing me up and in fact they are the ones that told me to go and file a sute against them!! he said I have a very good case! thanks for your input!!! GOD BLESS!!!
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I sometimes wonder if I am not just 1 big experiment for him. So not that much. But that goes for all doctors too.
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I totally agree with you!! That is sad to think like that but it is true!! Thank you for answering my question!!
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Depends on how serious my health is and my dear ones are... If I'm that serious and don't want to die than I trust my doctor a lot.. If I'm healthy than to trust a doctor is something...?
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I totally trust my current doctor. She goes out of her way to explain my options and she doesn't hesitate to look things up to double check things. She also doesn't hesitate to send me to a specialist when that needs to be done. She has called me at 930 at night to let me know test results so I wouldn't worry. She is one of my favorite people. She goes out of her way to make sure I am not in pain and that I am always up to date on current information about all of my medical issues. She even wrote a letter for me to take to court to dispute things my ex husband was saying about me in a custody dispute. I trust her with my life and my kid's lives.
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I don't trust them anymore, no. After getting pinned and choked by my family doctor when I was a child so they could give me a shot, I've despised them and everything they stand for. I wouldn't, can't and don't trust them or any other medical team anymore or ever again. :]

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