If You Could Have Any Career Handed To You, What Would It Be?


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face book answered
I veterinarian or an singer.
Stewart Pinkerton Profile
President of the USA. It's not like it seems to be difficult to do that job a heck of a lot better than it's being done these days.
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Carla Vaught
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Well Madmacstew I think the stars will fall out of the sky, we finally agree on something!!! Lol! I do NOT like Obama or what he stands for. And no guys it is NOT because of the color of his skin, I belong to a predominatly black church. He syas he stands for certain things and does the opposite. He uses his fancy speeches to sway the people and does not go through with his promises.
Stewart Pinkerton
Actually, I was thinking more of Dubya and his dad, the lamest pair of ducks I've seen for a long time. Obama is at least an intelligent guy with some good ideas, although he does seem weaker than one might like.
Carla Vaught
Carla Vaught commented
I don't know much about Dubya. As far as Obama, you may think he has good ideas, but for the most part they either are not seen through or they do not do anything much for the underprivledge group of people. He also stands for the right to Abortion which God forbids us to do! Abortion is Legalized Murder! He also agrees with Gay Marriage which is a sin too.
Ainslie Wood Profile
Ainslie Wood answered
A surgeon
Rosie Profile
Rosie answered
P.A,probably :/
Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered
I'd like to be paid to walk around the Beautiful English countryside. Such jobs exist in research institutes.
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Hannah Ashley answered
Hm. Probably a role in a movie, or be given a chance to write a movie.Now that would be cool!
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Anonymous answered
I'll go with Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. Perhaps I could do some good while also making myself insanely wealthy

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