Can you work as a car salesman only on the weekends?


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Why not and its a good time to take advantage of sales...people are out walking and looking around and whey they buy something they never thought they would. I think its a great time to work and earn, and have fun d and pull a few sales in and collect the dosh. What then have a good time, notice how great it is to have free time on you hands . See you. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND OR TWO.
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George commented
Great thanks!! I will definitely try to snag something on the weekend.. :=)
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catherine adams
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Lol then is there something you like about other people. Sometimes we send out signals without knowing the message we are conveying, and if we dislike and other person, in turn, they can begin to dislike us. Sales - good Sales person, are in a skilled and difficult job, where they aim to get the sale - and sometimes the car saleman, can do a good deal, and well somebody's got to like that, haven't they... Take it easy, So as you say its a great time to work and pull in the dosh ...Go for it!
Ray Ottewell
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There you go taking me seriously,I worked in realty for 2 year's, and enjoyed it,
catherine adams
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Who says....

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