How do i apply to be the next pornstar?


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Amanda Layne answered

I don't think it works like that.

As I understand it, you contact a studio with pictures and they invite you to audition and you take it from there (no pun intended)..

What country are you in? It might vary from place to place around the world, but having contacts might help. Maybe you could go to an adult convention or awards ceremony where people in the industry get together?

Otherwise, word of mouth and having friends that can "hook you up" might be the way for you!

Good luck and play safe ;-)

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Evan Andle , If you are seriously considering going into porn, do this:, answered

1) Become a stripper first.  Private or in a club.  No it's not the same thing, but you'll get a strong impression that either YES porn IS what you want to pursue, or not - in a less-permanent consequences way.  And whatever you decide, the experience is very eye-opening and rewarding.  The $ is fast, easy and great.  And 'doing well' is much easier in stripping than porn.  Porn is where the HUGE $ and huge risks are.

"Less Permanent" meaning:  If your porn career fails for whatever reason... You have locked yourself into either minimum wage jobs for the rest of your life or an entrepreneur of sorts;  No one will hire you for a professional job, for the rest of your life.  Stripper?  No trail, no evidence.

3) MOST IMPORTANT:  If you are REALLY serious about going into porn, know that looks and talent are not enough.  Who you ally with will truly make or destroy your efforts.  EVERY 'industry', be it computer programming or selling illegal drugs has a dark side, with nasty, sadistic, brilliant predators.  If you DO indeed succeed in becoming a 'star', you will have the brightest, best, most dangerous predators after you.  Not just porn;  any industry.

If after all that, you are really serious about it...depending on what part of the world you are in and as long as you are an adult, I can at least put you in contact with some agents, photographers, execs and porn models who I know are good-natured, professional and discrete.    No I don't want sample photos or to meet - just offering an opportunity to avoid some deep, dark, nasty situations if you really are going to do this.  Situations like being coerced or drugged into... Sex with really ugly, STD-filled people or.... Animals. 

Finally, if you are a guy, know what the money is much less than for women, unless you don't mind going the gay route.

In short, try stripping first.

Yes I know that this porn question may have been just for fun or fake, yet someone, you or a reader might be seriously considering it, so a thorough competent answer was worth my time.

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