How do I answer the interview question "why do you want to work in the hotel industry"?


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Asking why you want be be part of the industry you are applying for is a very common interview question. I have had some experience in hotel work, so here are a few points that you could put into your answer when you get asked this question.

  • A cheesy answer, but something worth mentioning, is that you can make someone's day. Mention that you want to give a customer a stay that they really enjoy, as it will not only make them happy, but it will also make you happy.
  • You will get to know a whole range of people in the hotel industry. So make sure that you get across that you are a people person and will enjoy the "working with the public" aspect of the job.
  • Do you thrive in an active and fast paced environment? Say that you want to be part of a hard working team that can bring an event together.
  • Make sure that you research the company that you have applied to. Look into what the company aims to provide for its customers and quote this in your answer, say why this would be the perfect job for you.
  • If you are only looking to work weekends and evenings, then it might be worth mentioning that the hours are perfect for you, being enthusiastic about your working hours are more likely to land you the job than someone that would moan about them.
  • Lastly make sure that you promote you skills. Mention any previous experience you have had and that you believe the position is perfect for you and that you will look forward to gaining the new skills that this experience will offer.

If you want more tips on how to prepare for an interview it might be worth looking at government websites such as the national careers service, that offer free advice and tips for getting a job.

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