How To Answer: 'What Kind Of Work Or Job Would You Like To Be Doing In One/Two Years Time?' (Interview Question.)


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During an interview, an employer is very likely to ask you what kind of work you'd like to be doing in the future.

Before answering this question, you might want to take into consideration the reasons an employer might be asking you this.

  • What does your answer say about your ambition?
  • Does your answer demonstrate an intention to show loyalty to the company?
  • Are you committed to developing within the industry?
  • Are your plans in line with how an employer would like to develop you?
These are all things that you may want to consider before giving your answer. Remember that interview questions are designed to give an employer maximum insight into whether you'll fit in with a company, so giving a considered and thought-out response is important.
What type of work would you like to do in the future?

The first thing to contemplate when answering this question is ambition. You don't want to seem unambitious and content to just coast along; employers like driven and focused individuals.

On the other hand, if an employer feels your progression plans are over-ambitious, they may worry that you will end up leaving or under-performing if your expectations are not met.

In answering this question, you may want to consider showing some loyalty to a potential employer, however. No-one wants to spend money hiring and training an employee just to see them hop on to another company.

Showing that your vision of the future is in-line with an employer's will reassure them that you are a sound investment, and that you will be motivated to work hard and develop within a company.
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Anonymous commented
When I retire from working I would still go back to see my follow workers.
Anonymous commented
I would work in my yard and in my garden where I would grow
things to help people in need.
Anonymous commented
Also once in a while I would like to get in touch with my old
high school classmates and see how they look.
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marina lewis answered
I would like to be running a restaurant or something in that line but that would be in two years time as I am still studying at college and can't do anything until I pass my course.
joseph Profile
joseph answered
I wanted to work about one or two years ago as a manager of a city mall.
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Anonymous answered
I am trying to be a vet because many people say I have a way with animals - God willing I will become a vet.
Mia Teeliumtrozzle Profile
I would like to work in a toyshop or a petshop, or maybe be a ticket inspector on the Luas, but I'm still in school so I'll be staying there for a while.
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Maggie Lopes answered
I would like to be retired! I would work at a 7-11 or Departmental store on weekends or somewhere a couple of days of week to still get out and meet new people!

I would be home working in my yard or baking my famous home made pound cakes and watching Matlock, reading, and possibly putting a book together - poetry or a children's book.

Also, catching up with my classmates from school! And of course travelling and catching a Cubs game now and then! I live in Florida , but am a fan!

This is a great question! Thanks for asking!

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