How Do I Answer The Interview Question: Where Do You Want To Be After 5 Years?


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A good way to prepare for an interview where you know these types of questions will be asked is to get your friends to help. Have them write down what they think are your qualities, good and bad, and examples of each. Promise not to get angry at what they tell you, this is an exercise to improve yourself. Make a list yourself, with those things you like and dislike about yourself. Be honest. Compare what your friends say about you to your list. When you discover what your friends think, you have the foundation for highlighting those things about yourself that would be beneficial to a potential employer. For example, if all of your friends say that you are always on time, that could translate to a plus for an employer. They like for their employees to be on time to work. If your friends think you are outgoing and friendly, that can translate to "works well with others." As for the "where will you be in 5 years question", you have to be honest with yourself. Most employers want employees with ambition and foresight. Don't answer that question "In 5 years, I want to take Donald Trump's job" unless that's what you plan to do. And if that is your answer, have a plan to back it up. If you don't know the answer, say so but then elaborate as to why you don't know. For instance, "I just graduated from college and I'm working on my long range goals. I think working for your company will help me to bring those goals into focus. At the very least, I will gain valuable knowledge and experience while doing the best job I can for your company." This helps the potential employer know that you aren't just looking for a job but are willing to work hard for them and yourself. Most interviewers have talked to enough potential employees to see through all the bull and know when you are saying what they want to hear. Be real, be yourself and be truthful. Lies in an interview will more often than not come back and bite you in the butt.

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