What Role Does Registration Play In Front Office?


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People who are in the front office are responsible for policy making. The front office in an organization relates to people and systems who deal directly with the customer. Revenues are generated in the front office. If the back office provides administrative and support to the front office, the team of executives and sales personnel bring revenue to the company.

Undoubtedly, registration has a crucial role to play in front-office for documentation and for maintaining records. If for instance, you are processing orders in front office, you need to register each record, so that it can be accessed by the back office for administrative purposes. Sometimes, even front office team may need them for reference. Further registration is an activity in which information and entries are legally and officially recorded. Also people need to undergo the registration process with the front office if they want to enroll themselves in a program or subscription service.
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Reservation helps you get an upper hand by helping you book the necessary substance or thing. It is a convenient and easy way because there are a number of ways by which reservations can be with out actually visiting the place.

Reservation is usually carried out by the back office; they take in proper details for the reservation and later forward it to the front office. In business, front office usually refers to the Sales and Marketing sector of a particular corporation. It may also apply to additional sectors of a company which requires interaction with clients.

Whereas; in Information Technology; front office is incorporated CRM software, where as in Financial Markets, front office is addressed to liquidity administration and active trading. Front office is a vital aspect of any organization.

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