What Role Does Power Play In Negotiation?


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Power has a lot to do in any case.When there are any conflicts around ,we see that those having power are more influential on the outcome.This power could be of money ,love or any thing.As the saying goes"Might is right".
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Negotiations are the pre-requisite to any deal. In fact, they form the back-bone of a business because a negotiation can either make or break a deal. Negotiations rule and define the market and the shelf life of every product. The general scenario in a negotiation is either two individuals or two groups trying to strike a deal, with all hopes pinned on a fruitful outcome, beneficial to both.

The role of power in a negotiation is immense. The power of a person lies in his capacity to conduct the business according to his terms and conditions, without the least show of the same. This implies that the person has the power to instigate and control the thought process of another, by manipulating the conversation and result. The entire exercise is actually evident at the beginning of the deal, in the handshake. A firm handshake has the capacity to indicate what will unfold or in whose favor the deal will end. Thereafter, the choice of words and the tone of speech actually end up directing the course of conversation and action. A powerful person, powerful in thought, word and action, is a success anywhere. The power can be inculcated in a person and that is exactly what the courses specified and offered to executives are all about.

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