What are some good, well paid jobs apart from being a doctor or nurse?


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A lot of the best paid jobs are in the medical profession. But if that's not a route you are interested in going down, then there are quite a few options for you.

First, let's take a look at the highest earning professions.

According to CareerCast, the best paid jobs of the past year are:

  • Surgeon ($233,150)
  • Psychiatrist ($178,950)
  • Orthodontist ($149,310)
  • Dentist ($146,340)
  • Petroleum engineers ($130,280)
  • Air traffic controllers ($122,530)
  • General practitioners ($116,440)

As you can see, a number of the above positions are doctors. However, the following areas are worth checking out if you want to earn big in a different industry:

  • Lawyer
  • Software engineer
  • Architect

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I think engineer! Writer! A photographer!

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Some good and well paid jobs apart from being a
doctor or nurse are: Physician assistant, pharmacist and optometrist.

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