3. Describe a situation in which you became a ‘lost customer’. Did you drop the purchase because of poor product quality, poor service quality or both? What should the firm do to ‘recapture’ lost customers?


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A time when I became a lost customer happened with my mobile phone network provider.

It happened because I was initially unhappy with the product they provided- the mobile phone service, or more specifically, the amount of airtime; but also because when I talked to them about this, I was unhappy with the service I was given. So in this instance both aspects were not up to scratch, but had one of them been improved they may not have lost my custom.

In order to recapture me as a customer, they would have needed to offer me a deal which reflected my long term loyalty to them as a business.

There is often too much focus on gaining new customers, particularly in this industry, and less focus on retaining and rewarding the ones they already have. Had this have happened I would have had the product and the service, and would have been happy.

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