As a human relations officer in a company, what are the things that should be considered before building a guiding team and what are the possible risks?


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Grace Smith , HR Specialist, answered

An effective team is comprised of individuals from across the organization who bring unique skills, experiences, perspectives and networks to the table: Their distinct views allow the team to see all sides of an issue and enable the most innovative ideas to emerge; their varied roles and titles give credibility to the change effort; and their enthusiasm helps push the campaign forward with the speed and momentum necessary for success.

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Amy Miyamoto , Businesswoman, answered

The team must have the same purpose which needs to be set from the beginning. You must make sure it is clear to all members and you also need to remind them of their goal every once in a while to keep them in their toes all the time

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You need a reward system for your guiding team. People need some incentives to inspire them to create new ideas. I hate to say this butfor the most part you will only acquire highly effective people if the price is right.

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Jastine Alcantara
Thank you sir for the comment. Yes we need to give some rewards for people who has big contribution in the company, so that others are be able to create their own ideas for the company and to get the said reward.
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Having a Senior employee that you can rely on is really essential. Look for someone you trust completely.

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Involve as many people as you can, at many levels and across many parts of the company, to enable them to fully understand the opportunities or issues that you are dealing with and help bring a better understanding of possible ways forward.

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Involve all employees from top to bottom and listen to their concerns

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The members must be diverse and have a great attitude. You must avoid those that are easily distracted for they might slow down the team. You must also look out for  selfish individuals that have hidden intentions. And finally, avoid naysayers for they can easily limit the creativity of the team.

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rannie miles , Business Consultant, answered

The team must be focused on knowledge production, flexible creativity and scalable processes for coordinating efforts, and this must all be supported by an infrastructure that values and rewards collaboration.

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Cris Taylor answered

Senior leaders often fail to stay actively engaged with their guiding team after they form it.  This is a mistake as ongoing senior leadership participation with the guiding coalition is essential to the success of a change effort. Without this ongoing participation, the guiding coalition is unable to counter the inevitable resistance to change that will occur from various organizational stakeholders.

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Paul Garlett answered
You need to develop work processes that enable collaboration in flexible but disciplined projects.
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There should be diversity from the team to encourage creativity. The team should come from different backgrounds.

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Leadership skills must be present in every member. They will serve as a driver of your company so having this attribute is vital

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Charles Masaeed answered

Before you form a guiding team you must have a clear vision on what you like to achieve. Once your goal is set you can go ahead and choose the members.

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Liz Pope answered

It is important to note that the Guiding Team is formed prior to final decisions about the scope and scale of change are made – in fact, that is one of their key initial tasks. Even at an early stage, however, often some sense of the scope and scale starts to emerge and to be discussed. If it becomes apparent that the change will likely be contentious or perhaps result in job loss, you should discuss your early thinking with the HR.

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You have to consider the personalities of the employees you are going to be teamed with, because they may not get well together.

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There should be an officer that really knows how to be with the employees very well!

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