For those who are in the modelling industry, do you need to live close to the agency office, or you can live anywhere and still work as a model with that agency?


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I'm not in modelling industry but i know doesn't matter where you live, when you sign contract you have just responsibility to be available according to your schedule and shooting, anywhere you are, you need you end up available.. Plus, Shootings don't take place in one area. Entirely depends on the type of modelling you're in.

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Ok. So, what you mean is we can just shoot out pics and send them to agency no matter where we live. My intended field is commercial or fashion.
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What do you think about it as far as this field goes?
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There's nothing such as shoot wherever we want and send them! you don't take any shoots! it's not a "family selfie" and you take shoots and send! it's a professional job. you can search in google to take more help and take out some addresses in your area or more famous companies.
In modeling world, you gotta give interview, follow their terms and qualify to be their model. to join the company and be part of them, when you become their model, you're gonna have to follow their terms, from nutrition they might give you to the cloths they give you to wear for shoots and all the make up and beauty products they will use on you or will give you to use for keeping the form. and you're going to sign contract and you're gonna be their model. (I'm talking about fashion all the way, i know nothing about commercials) now even in fashion, fashion modeling is not attended to one category, it's several categories and fields that you're gonna need to be specific about your field when you wanna enter the industry. in each fashion category, the contracts and it's terms going to be different, we have a year contract , monthly contract and then fashion about what ? clothing , accessories, aisle and modes, magazine models or website models ect . .. and each company has their own particular activity and policy in such industry. you just need to know what you want, then find the right place and also take guides for making your decisions better for your career.
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Starting out is different from being established and famous.

If you're starting out ... You need to be close enough to travel to the agency.  This is because most of the jobs the agency will give you are in their local area.

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