How Do I Sign My Daughter Up To A Childrens Model Agency?


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Are people always telling you how stunning your daughter is? You might be considering signing her up for some modelling work - maybe to earn some extra cash for the family or to put into a savings account for when she is older.

To get your child signed up you will need to contact a number of agencies. Most will ask for a photo of your child together with their details. You may be asked to provide a professional portfolio of images firstly which will involve taking your child to a photographers studio. Remember that this can be very expensive so do your research before agreeing to anything.

The requirements for child modelling are fairly standard across all agencies. They are not necessarily looking for perfect examples of beauty, just children who are happy to sit in front of a tv camera or photographer - clients ask for all different sorts of requirements for different jobs.

You should consider whether you will be able to cope with the transportation of your child during the day to and from auditions and assignments, some of which may happen at short notice. Some agencies will require you to live either close to a major UK city or close to London itself, as many assignments will be based in the capital.

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My daughter's name is lee'aijah monee' simien. She is 4 years of age. She has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She is of African and white nationality. She is constantly gazed at and told that she is so beautiful. She is very adorable and friendly. I am new to this but I know for a fact she can make it..

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