Can an employer in alberta canada resind an offer of employment if you are prescribed methadone and signed off fit for duty with no restrictions?


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Yes... You aren't entitled to employment in Canada if you are proved to be an addict. You can't be terminated though if full time and prove have an addiction ... If you are temp though .. Which I'm taking from your Q , you have nothing to make an argument,

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Yeah sorry Jamie I appreciate your answer but after doing some background work your answer is not accurate.In alberta you are classified a disability like any other disease and protected under the Alberta Human Rights code
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I'm sure you are correct ;) It's not my day job to know the labour laws in Canada :) or it is
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Just to let you know I studied some case law in alberta being in the methadone program you are considered a disability and it is against the alberta human rights code to not hire on this because it is classified discrimination under the ahr

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But, if I am hiring or not hiring someone, do I have to give a reason? And during the probationary period of a job, I could let someone go with no reason (they do not fit in?) so how can anyone say this person was not hired due to the disability?

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