What are some jobs or professions that don't exist now, that might pop up in the future?


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Soul Fly answered

  • Commercial Space Pilot
  • Time Travel Concierge
  • Color Taster

Just to name a few... :D

Firstname Refreshme lastname Profile

That's a great question.... I d k.... Maybe self-driving car parking lots and attendants. Or  mechanical garages

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Ancient Hippy answered

Alien alliance translators.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Working to develop and make Soylent Green !

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Ray Dart answered

When I was working on newspaper picture desks a few years ago, the question of copyright, intellectual rights and so on was central to the use of such digital assets.

One day soon, people will realise that 3d printers and developing nanotechnology will together allow anyone to make anything without the originator of an idea or product getting ANYTHING for their work.

I see a whole new industry developing to protect the rights of designers, developer and inventors. Like digital rights lawyers, but more so!

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otis campbell answered

Shine makers

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