What are some exciting mobile applications that could help me in job search?


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Andrew Raid Profile
Andrew Raid answered

If you are in search of Mobile applications, then you could definitely
opt for Hourlybility, as for today it’s one among those app that would lead you
to the path where you want to. It would help you provide various jobs that
provide wages at hourly basis. You can easily download it in your phone and use
it whenever and wherever you want. For more details you can visit

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Bhawna Tripathi answered

There are a lot of job searching websites app which provides
notifications for the latest public or private sector jobs namely free Monster India, Naukri, Shine, Indeed etc.

And I can suggest a few with which I felt comfortable;

Monster India - This is a good app from this we can set the
requirements and get notifications easily.

Freshersworld - Easy to search jobs according to our criteria
and more user-friendly: Register with this and we get notifications according
to our criteria.

But I am damn sure about the monster India and Fresher

Karl Sagan Profile
Karl Sagan answered

Hmmmm, nice question, guys. Anyway, I don't know any special mobile applications, but personally I would like to mention one special resource that is called jooble, and it's right here on https://uk.jooble.org/jobs-angard-staffing-royal-mail. It's so easy to use it even from you smartphone so save that link for the future or if you need some help right now then go and use it there. I truly hope that it will help you with everything right there. I wish you all good luck guys with your searching.

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