What Are Some Positive Personal Qualities That I Could Use When Asked In A Job Application Or Interview?


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Personally my strengths are carefully balanced with my shortcomings because I believe that you can always improve yourself. I have the ability to identify those shortcomings and work towards turning them into strengths.

My first strength is my ability to employ my skills of creativity to new and changing situations. Being creative in situations allows you to think outside the box of most problems.

My second strength is my ability to listen. This is one of the most important skills, not just waiting for someone else to speak but listening to what they are saying, gleaning information from them and asking questions related to what they said. This makes people feel that you are sensitive towards them and that you actually care about they say.

My third strength is my ability to learn. I am happy to develop myself with additional training or education. Personally, I think education never ends and makes you a more open, knowledgeable and tolerant person.

My fourth strength is my ability to communicate through written English, I have an excellent vocabulary that I use to develop m argument or assist the listener/reader to understand something that we are discussing. I never use my vocabulary to make people feel small, only to highlight, expand or enlighten.

My final strength is my ability to assess situations and choose the most appropriate responses, this requires tact, quick thinking and thoughtfulness.
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Be yourself, #1. Smile! Be positive and wait for the interviewer to ask any questions That right there lets them know you are a good listener. Let them know you are a team player and your input has been an asset in the past.
Tell them you are always wanting to learn, and do the job in an efficient way. Hopefully the job you are applying for is something you are qualified for and that you're excited about being hired to work with the company. Maybe let them know you've many great things regarding this company. But always be yourself, people will know if you are answering a question in order to make it sound like it's what they want to hear. Oh, be sure you say their name from time to time. Good luck!
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Say that you are hardworking and organized. Prove it by handing in all the requirements on time. You can do this through JobPad as the software program gives you alerts and organizes your files.
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My personal qualities for me sir/mam I am hardworking, give all my highest standards of performance, accountability, flexible and initiative to work.

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