Is it a good idea to become a real estate agent?


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Charles, I would go to a real estate office - one of the more successful places - and ask if there is someone that could talk to you about a potential career in real estate. Tell them you would like to talk to one of their more successful agents.

Ask him/her what it takes, financially, emotionally, physically, to be successful in real estate.

I typed minutes for a well-known real estate company for several years. I didn't work for them - they outsourced this typing. I was absolutely amazed at the amount of money the agent has to fork over.

They rent the space in the office where they work, they have to pay for their own business cards, marketing flyers, envelopes, yard signs, the list is pretty endless. They might receive a discount because they work for ABC Company, but ultimately, they have to cover the cost of their entire business themselves.

They work nights and weekends and have to be available when their customers are available. They have to compete with online marketing; their videos have to be spot-on when advertising a home for sale because most people check online first before even driving around to see what's for sale in a certain neighborhood.

By talking to this agent, you can get a sense of if this is the right job for you, if you can afford it (there will be months when you receive zero commissions - can you afford that?), and everything else that comes along with this business. Good luck.

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Yes, It is a good idea to become a real estate agent. But its your choice they make money, but they're liars, cheats and bottom feeders in the ocean.

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As a Real Estate Agent, You Are Your Own Boss.

You're a self employed entity and control your own book of business. You settle on the choices. Couple together a decent state of mind and strong hard working attitude, and there are for all intents and purposes no restrictions for the development of your land business.

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William Hook answered

Real Estate agent is not a bad idea. It is the best career option one can choose to earn more money. There are many benefits of becoming a real estate agent such as:

1. By becoming a real estate agent and delivering the best customer  services can grow more chances of future rewards. The end users of Real Estate market perform more activities of home buying. This activity is beneficial for real estate agents as it ensures profitable returns on the money invested.

2. This profession helps develop the relationship with multiple users. You also get to know many other agents and have chances of working together and gaining profits. Finding someone working with same ethics makes the dealing of business much more easier.

3. The Real Estate market never vanishes. The economy has its own impacts on buying and selling of the property. Whether the economy is not in favor but selling properties doesn't make any impact and real estate agents continue to grow and make the good business.

4. In Real Estate Agents Jobs, you are your own boss as you get the chance to work independently. Real estate agents plan their own work plans, make the clients and make strategies on the marketing skills on how to execute it. If you have the courage and want to do something different, being a Real Estate agents is the best career.

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