How Long Does It Take To Become A Real Estate Agent?


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Firstly, you have to forget real English and use something that makes much less sense. Secondly, you have to get used to getting a lot of money for doing very little (and often doing it badly). Thirdly, you need your scruples surgically removed (painful).

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That sums it up Ray !
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Over here of course, they are merely "Estate Agents" - the "real" word is superfluous. I often wonder whether there ought to be "Real" Estate Agents and "Sham" Estate agents. Or whether they all mainly fall into the latter category.
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There are different requirements and time period involved for becoming a real estate agent in different countries. In United States, one needs to qualify a 210 credit hours course, which takes around 2 years to complete. Then one needs to apply for a license. Only those candidates can qualify for the license who succeed in passing the requisite exam. This might take maximum 6 months. Some states might also require practical experience. Thus all in all it takes around 3 years to become a real estate agent.
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To became a real estate agent, time is not a factor, how fast you are getting the information and making contacts. If you are not doing so, it will take whole your life to become an real estate agent.

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You're require to get your real-estate permit. How long that takes depends upon several factors:

Educational conditions can vary considerably from one state to another. Most states have a prerequisite amount of hours of specified coursework that should be completed at an approved, accredited real estate college. In many states the coursework can be accomplished in weeks. 

To sit for the real estate assessment requires 63 hours of approved classes plus a New York State real estate permit requires just 75 hours. Other states have more long demands. California, for instance, requires completion of three 4-5 hour long courses to sit for the California real estate assessment; less than 300 class hours are required to sit for the Colorado real estate agent exam.

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Just those competitors can fit the bill for the permit who succeed in passing the essential exam. This may take most extreme 6 months. A few states may additionally oblige handy experience. Accordingly with everything taken into account it takes around 3 years to turn into a land operators.

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I would like to say that if you want to became a real estate agent, time
is not a factor, how fast you are getting the information and making
contacts. If you are not doing so, it will take your whole life to become a real estate agent.

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It really depends
on the level you are starting your business. I live in Australia and in Australia
real estate is and will be on boom for next couple of decades.

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