Would you rather live in a $100,000 6 bedroom mansion but you have to drive more than an hour to get to the nearest amenity, or a 2 bedroom high rise apartment for $1,000,000 where amenities and jobs are across the street?


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There is no such thing as a $100,000 six bedroom mansion.

...unless it was a model made of Legos.

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Wesley Crusher
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Here's 14 bedroom =D
Wesley Crusher
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8 bedroom for 40k

Call me Z
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NOT a mansion, sir.
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The problem with the million dollar apartment in the city, is that amenities, come with a monthly cost. They are never paid for in the cost of the condominium. The monthly cost usually is scaled based on location and the amount of amenities. Just so we are clear . . . In the city amenities would/could include: Security, Doorman services, PARKING, Pool, Spa, Gym, Laundry/Dry Cleaning, Concierge, Social Room and may even include Maid service, and Room Service (food).

These are all things paid for by the unit owners. I have heard of monthly costs for the "Extras" ranging from 5,000 thousand and up dollars . . . And as low as $300  . . . Depending again on the amount of amenities and location.

That being said, as I get older I would LOVE the high rise with amenities more then a mansion in the middle of no where.

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The only $100K 6 bedroom mansion you are going to find is going to look like this...

But if there is a cute little two bedroom cabin in the woods for around $250k, I would take that over the city condo.

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Skip  Gentry
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That's all you're gonna get for that price!
Wesley Crusher
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PJ Stein
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If you look at the house you posted it is in the middle of Topeka, so the amenities are near by, and frankly it isn't in much better shape than the one in the picture above. I am not sure it is even inhabitable. I know I wouldn't be living in it.
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ffsfsfdsfs Bergmount

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