If You Were Fired Will That Show Up On A Background Check?


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If it is a gov. Or state job. Yes. If the background check turns up the problem and you didn't tell first they could you it against you. If you tell them first they should not hold it against you. Good luck, your in a tough spot.
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Depending on what you were fired for. I had my own background report run, just so I would know what to expect & to check for any fraud using my SS number. I did a lot of research on companies that perform background checks. JohnnySearch.com was the best- you can speak to a live person (no other site had that option) & you can find info on anyone including yourself. It's nice to know what info will be pulled up in your background search- so no surprises. I would think if you were fired for something that wasn't a criminal issue it probably won't show up. Have JohnnySearch.com, or 1 of the may others, pull up your background report for you- be prepared!
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I agree with bikeman. It depends on why you got fired if it was against the law or work policy. Your new employer will call your ex-employer.
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No it will not show up while background check. It doesn't mean that your each and every moment will be record, it only means that what kind of record you have whether you have any criminal record. That's the only reason behind this.

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