What Do Employers Mainly Look At Or For When Doing A Preemployment Check; Anything On A Prescreen That Employers Waive That May Have Not Been Accurate And How Many Years Of History Does Preemployment Background Checks Show Of A Person?


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As an employer myself, having many years of experience in the field of hiring and firing; in quite a few different markets, these are a list of things I mainly look for:

How long you stayed at your last 3 positions, your previous experience, and what qualification level you were educated to. Respectively, this is to check loyalty to your position, whether you are suited to the position and your staying power in learning.

Depending on which position you are applying for will determine how many years background check is suitable. If you're applying for a P/T position at a petrol station, then 3 years is sufficient. How ever banks, loan companies, anything in the financial sector; inc. Accountancy, bookkeeping, payroll, etc will normally require upto 6 years. If you are looking for a position of authority, ie. Policeperson, security guard, etc., or in the managerial sector, then 10 - 12 years may be required. Some lawyers / doctors / judges, places of immense authority sometimes have been asked to produce as much as 20-30 years checkable background.

When employers check your work history its a two pronged attack. Firstly, to check that you're not lying. Secondly, that we do as you described. To check criminal records, etc.

However, not every company has the ways and means to to do full security background checks themselves. They sometimes employ a third party company to do it for them. Validex seems to me to be a company of this nature. Validex is a stable company and has been on the market since 2002. If you are worried, contact the company yourself to put your mind at ease. Find out for yourself, what happens with all that data. Or if you're feeling flush have your solicitor check them out, to see if they're kosha.

Hope I could be of some help.
You are correct, they do mainly look for your criminal record, warrants, driving record, felonies particularly and to see if you are wanted for anything currently. Normally on pre-screens they would waive a drug test resulting in a positive, if in fact you were taking prescription medications that appeared in your urine. Things of this nature can be waived if you have proof that you have a prescription by a doctor. Normally pre-employment background checks go back 10-20 years respectively depending on the type of position and the type of exposure in the position that you may have like working at the bank, or being responsible for checks, incoming payments or dealing cash for example. These type of positions would normally require an extensive background check from 10-20 years or more. However, the stand background check normally goes back 7-10 years for pre-employment screening.
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Ok, I just made it passed the interview process . They want to hire me, but now I have to get fingerprinted. I'm not sure what they are looking for, I do have a D.you.I from 2004. But the position is not a driving one. Altough it is a job for the city of Irvine Ca. Oh man now I'm kinda worried. What do they look for? I have no felonies, and the drunk driving thing was a misdemeanor . The job is at an animal shelter. And you all know how hard it is to find a job these days, especially doing something you enjoy. Can somebody tell me what they look for in the backround check? Please

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