What GCSEs Do I Need To Become A Lawyer?


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There are several GCSEs you will need to take, including Maths and English, but law school will look at much more than what GCSEs you have.

The stronger the grades you have, the better chance of getting into law school, which will get you closer to becoming a lawyer.  Law school requires the very best of grades.  Primarily A’s…maybe a few B’s and most likely no C’s.

You’ll need to take the primary GCSEs including high-end mathematics (think Algebra) as well as essay-level English classes, where you’ll get used to being able to write good quality essays.  There are other GCSEs that you can take that will help you to be considered moreover than other students including history, politics, science and potentially a foreign language.

Lawyers and law students should be well-rounded so that in the future, they can take on a range of different legal cases.  Depending on exactly what field of law you are planning on practicing.  If you want to practice environmental law, than you may want to take some environmental science courses.  You may also want to consider business for corporate law and so on.

The GCSEs you need will vary from student to student and even depending upon the college you want to get into.  As you’re planning out your education, it’s important to find out all that you can before it’s too late.  Talk to colleges to see what they recommend.  It may also be beneficial to talk to local lawyers that are practicing similar law to what you want to and ask which GCSEs they took.
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GCSEs are a important qualifications to have, they set you up fpr further education. Don't concern yourself too much with GCSEs. GSCEs were created to asses young adults at a lower kind of education. To become a lawyer, you need to get decent grades at A-level. But to be given the Opportunity of doing these A-levels, you must get quite good GCSEs. A C+ grade. In GCSE it is compulsory to do the following subjects;
1. English- Worth two GCSEs, liturature and normal english
2. Maths- Worth one
3. Science- worth three, Biology, chemistry and physics.
4. R.E (if attending a religious school)- worth one
5. A language- worth one
You need to get enough GCSEs to get into college of 6th form, which is usually 5 so if you pass english, maths and science you should be fine. A pass is a C+, some people mistake Ds as passes, they're not, I'm Afraid. In English you'll need at least Bs I'd say.

I hope this is useful for you.
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You need to take history , english Literature, maths and maybe a different language so you can talk to foreigners that what you mainly need
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I think that you should take history- to know law and the history of it, science to examine forensic evidence and of course english
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You don't have to take any particular GCSE to become a lawyer.  You don't even need a law degree.  The important thing at this stage is that you get the best possible grades, so above all do the subjects you are best at.  You will need good grades in maths and English, as you would for any career.  Beyond that, subjects that develop good analytical skills, such as history, could be useful, along with anything that improves your commercial awareness, such as business studies or economics.
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Yes you may be able to study law even if you have not done your GCSE's. but it is important to understand that we need to see whether if we do not give GCSE's then what is it that may stand equivalent in the admission criteria. GCSE's are only a degree offered in your junior and senior years of schooling respectfully known as your senior Cambridge and your higher senior Cambridge. How ever please check if you may think appropriate to list down Law schools for yourself.

Start with reading their requirements. If they allow secondary schooling to be non British than you may study for some other course but if not it becomes very difficult to obtain equivalence certificate which becomes necessary for higher education. Gcse;s are only necessary in Britain education and if you are a international student for Britain you will be able to give your homeland degree for the equivalence of their degrees. However one should never run away from hardwork and focus on Plan B more than Plan A so that you may not feel helpless at the failure of Plan B.
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In terms of GCSE the subject is not really important but what is considered most is you academic ability and also the A levels grades are really very important. Mostly op law firm look out for students with a minimum of AAB at A level and a 2.1 at degree. You can even try and take some kind of work experience. Try and contact local firms or even courts in order to gain some kind of work experience. Some of the subjects that are considered for grades are History, Languages, Science, whereas subjects like Drama and General Studies are not considered to be that important.
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Hiya i have read that its really helps? And i want to ask another question i took history for gcse drama and ethics. Do you think this will help me to be come a lawyer?
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You shouldn't choose a job that 'just gets paid a lot' you have to enjoy it too.
Subjects that can help can be science, English and maybe geography and history.
Why don't you ask your teacher?
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Hello my name is holly and I want to be a corporate lawyer at the moment am in year 8.But this past week we had to choose or options  for year nine to do with are gcse I have done my research and found out that history is the main one to pick.My history teacher studied law and she says its a very difficult task were have to put a 110% in to you work and pay attention.I also picked single ICT wich my history teacher said to choose she said if I wanted to reach my goal in life I would have to start studing now so ive taking her advice she also said that  ishould go down to a court neer by and go in to see what its like and she said to try and get in a court for work experiance she also said I needed a gcse in geography and said that when I pick my options next year I should pick that.Then ive got to go to collage to get my Alevels then I need to go to university to studie a bachelor degree for four years then go to law school for three years.My other goal is to imergrate to australia and I wonderd thats if I moved over there would I get paid the same amount of money as in the uk so I looked over the internet.And found out that I should earn $200k a month I would like to know if that is correct please and I would like to know that if I studied now untill I have to do my gcse wich is three years away would I be able to get A's and A*'s  across the board it would be very helpful if you answerd my question so please try to thaks for reading holly .x
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It is a confusing time, choosing your options, but you're being sensible and asking good questions. You do your GCSE at the end of Year 11; if your school has a 6th form you can do A levels there, or go to a college if you want. There should be a careers officer in your school who can advise you.

Law is a very long, hard study and it's early to choose now. You are right about the importance of science; the best advice now would be to go for a good variety so you have at least one science (though if you're good at science, of course take more) and  a foreign language always looks good, whatever you are studying. There is actually a GCSE and an A level in law, but most unis would prefer you to get a full, rounded education instead. Concentrate on good English and maths skills too, you can't do much without those.

How about taking a look at leandirect, I've linked you to a page on law (solicitors) but please explore the whole website, it's a really good resource for people thinking about careers. Just click here.
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I have to choose my choices this year. I have 3 boxes to choose from in the 1st one it says : French, Spanish, Geography, History, Business studies I have done my polish GCSE before and I had a A* so I do not know if I need to take French or Spanish.
2nd box has: Music Multimedia & ICS Enterprise &ICT French Spanish.
3rd box has: Graphics resistant material food catering textiles drama GCSE pe art geography History.
I need to choose 2 from each of these boxes help because I do not have a clue which of these will help me to be a lawer ?
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Hello friends. I would like to know more about it too. And after that, I wanted to apply to a good law firm NYC. Do you think it's possible to made it for me? I've always wanted to work in a place like that. I always loved New York and people there. This city has some kind of charm I think.

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Theses nothing special you ned you must have a language if you want to do international law.

But it really depends what law you chose you should have at least 3 A levels.
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I would recommend doing diplomas if you are not good at testing, like me. I want to be a lawyer and wondering what GCSE grades I need and if you can get into doing law if you have low maths or overall grades at D+?
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Well, not to be mean... But if you speak anything like you write, you don't want to be a lawyer. Only good lawyers make a lot of money. This is true of most careers. You can be a chef and make a wage at Chili's or similar restaurant or you can be a top chef and restaurant and make millions. You can be a doctor with a small private practice in a small town, or you can be chief neurosurgeon of John Hopkins. It is all a matter of your desire and drive. Decide what you like to do, what your passion is, then pursue it.... You might not be wealthy, but you will be richer than the wealthiest of men. You will have a deep enjoyment of your life and undeniable contentment with your choices.
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I am doing my GCSE, and want to become a GCSE, I am picking history,always a good choice,business study,I.c.t, and ethics and philosophy, teaches you argument skills.
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I am also about to pick my options and I don't yet know what I want to do with my life so I've chosen subjects that I am good at and will enjoy. They  lead nowhere specific but give me plenty of Choice for future jobs
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I'm also choosing my GCSE subjects and I'm not sure what I want to do yet I am going to choose a wide range of subjects to help me pursue over a wider range of careers hopefully but yes, it will get harder when picking A-Levels or one main subject if I can't make up my career by then. If this helps
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I really need help,,
I am in year 9, it is coming up to choosing my gcse's,
and I am really interested in being a lawyer/solicitor, I am interested because my grandad has a job in law, his friend has already set up work experience in a court room,
could you please suggest 4 studies I should take to be a successful lawyer/solicitor,
I was thinking history, politcal science, spanish, and ict, would these help me, I have to do maths and english anyways so that doesn't really matter,
please help ?????
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I am in year 9 as well. I am from the cayman islands in the caribbean.I want to become a family lawyer. I heard that you need to take history, religous studies and spanish for the main topics.I am ging to pick history, religous studies, business studies and for back up I will pick Spanish, leisure and tourism andand? I need help I have to pick 2morow. Is what I said right
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You should choose philosophy as one of your options because it builds on your debating skills and you can also see things from other people's points of view :)
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I am in year 8 too and I would like to become a lawyer when I am older, I was thinking of doing, RS, HISTORY, DRAMA, GERMAN AND GEOGRAPHY. Would those be a good choice? The english, math and sciences are compulsory... What do you think!!! Thanks!!! Josie x
p.s all of these have been a massive help!!!
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These are my eleven gcse's and two entry courses:
English (language and literature)- grades bb
science(triple award-chemistry;physics;biology)- grades bab
maths(core)- grade a*
spanish- grade b
ict(information communication technology)- grade b
media studies- grade b
religious education- grade a
business studies- grade b
geography and hstory(foundation/entry level courses)- distinction and merit/distinction

are these gcse subjects and grades good enough for me to be a barrister? If yes please tell me what a levels I must do to be a barrister (enter a law degree etc.)

thank you
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Thanks that really helped I also heard that P.E really helps because it also contains a chunk of information of biology ??? Well is it true
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You need to get at least 3 A levels and must be a super genius at english, history, I.T , and maths
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I want to become I lawyer having read the above statements I have seen that A levels are mentioned a lot can someone please tell me what GCSE's I need to give me that boost to A levels thank you
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I want to be a lawyer but I'm not too sure about what subjects to take for my GCSEs.
I was thinking that maybe I should do Buisness Studies and history.
Do you guys think that this is the right choice if so please comment

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