What Subjects Do I Need To Become A Lawyer ?


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If you are still in school, the subjects you take will not have much of an effect on your future career. It is best to take subjects that you enjoy as you are more likely to excel in these areas. Be sure to pay particular attention to Maths, English and Science as these are seen as ‘core subjects’ and are needed for any profession. It is also a good idea to take a language as it could help your career in the future.
You do not need to study law during your A-Levels, or the equivalent for 16-18 year olds in other countries, but core subjects such as English will help your communication skills. It is a good idea to take a broad range of subjects to keep your options open. If Law is available to you, then you should take it as it will give you a clear understanding of the subject and confirm whether or not you wish to study it in higher education.
You will then need a law degree, which could take 3, 4 or even 5 years depending where you wish to study. If you have any colleges or universities in mind already then you should check their website to see if there are subjects they require you have previously studied. Good grades across a broad curriculum will generally be what you need to study law at university.
Work experience is also vital to begin a career in law. Begin your work experience as early as possible and do your best to find a placement during every vacation, as this will definitely help you in the future. It may be difficult to find your first placement so start at a small firm and once you have a few placements completed, you will have more chance of being accepted into a bigger firm.
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I'm a lawyer and these subjects  helped me: English Literature, Legal Studies, History, Physchology, Biology.  Hope I helped.
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Law is a very difficult profession. It requires a very high level of hard work and dedication in order to be a successful lawyer.

First of all you need to be a high school certificate holder. It does not matter which subjects you  take. Get a 4 years bachelors degree from a recognized institution.

Prepare for the LSAT test. Take online and preparatory book test well as LSAT is the law school admission test. Apply to at least 3 law schools that are recognized. Complete 3 years law course and choose your area of specialization after that. Pass the state bar exams.

If you clear the bar exam, you can start practicing privately or in a company.

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You will require a law degree......the law school will tell you what courses are required and the number of electives you have to take. You will need about 90 credit hours and this is after finishing college. Good luck
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English, political science, math are the basics
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I think to become a lawyer, first of all you must complete your high school then applying to law school requires graduate from a bachelor's degree program and after this can prepare for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Applicants want to specialize in a particular field of law may consider an undergraduate degree in that field.

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For studying law you need the following subjects :-

History, Psychology, political science, mathematics, english, physcis

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To become a attorney, you have to go for at least two solid art works English and History ideally, the others for example Philosophy /Theology are an alternative. Additionally you need one social science (Geography, Politics or Psych) and a minimum of one science or modern language. Just try to get a good range of strong theoretical subjects and make certain you get A grades.

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Social science subjects are required for lawyer schools, colleges. Also, literature, English language (or any other, depends on where you are going to study), history are important too. This is a "starter pack" because everything else will be taught at a college. Maybe you will develop a case management software like https://www.smartadvocate.com/ and it means you'll need programming and codding. Unexpected subjects for lawyers but still valid.

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Hi, I want to da A level law in college, but I am confused because I don't know what subjects to choose that relate to law, please could you let me know some details of which subjects I can do relating to law, at the moment ive chosen law, psychology ans r.s, but I am still a bit confused
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Hey . I am in second year and I'm about to pick my subjects I really want to become a lawyer so what subjects should I be picking :$ ?
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Hey frnds...
I want to be a lawyer and little confused regarding my subjects...
Is here any1 who knws abt the subjects one needs to study to be a lawyer...
Plzz if any1 could help me...!!
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I am a sixteen year old at a high school and I need to know the subjects which I need to have to become a family lawyer

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