What Do You Need To Become A Lawyer?


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You need an undergraduate degree, law school, pass state bar and find job.
The requirements vary by country.
Generally, an applicant needs to have graduated from high school, and be able to pass the entrance exams for law school at a University. A four year course of study, followed by a 2 year period of being a " law clerk " working directly under a practicing lawyer is a minimum in North America.
Being called to "the Bar " means that a person is now a fully qualified lawyer, able to practice law in their jurisdiction.
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Jada Mehmet , I am wanting to become a lawyer in the future. I am in year 9 just about to pick my GCSEs and I am thinking of choosing history drama, answered

I am wanting to become a lawyer in the future. I am in year 9 just about to pick my GCSEs and I am thinking of choosing history drama studies and I have already taken me Turkish achieving a B. Are these good choices?

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If you wanted to become a lawyer and wanted to take high school classes etc what would you major in?
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You need to do history, politics, sciences and also a language is use full including spanish or french. My brother is a lawyer and I'm only 13, but he told me what you needed to be a lawyer. Also geography is a good choice too. English literacy, latin and maths are really good too

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