How Long Does It Take To Become A Florist?


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The most common way to become a florist is to look for work in a florist's and learn on the job. Florists will often take people without formal qualifications in the field, though it helps if you have some knowledge of flowers and related skills like flower arranging (you can pick up the basics of this in a few Adult Education classes.) If you start work in this way, you can improve your qualifications by studying part-time for an NVQ or BTECH in floristry (up to a year part-time.)

If you want to be more highly qualified, you can do a foundation degree in this subject - the University of Wolverhampton offers one, for instance. But it probably depends what sort of work you are looking for within floristry - e.g. Work in a small shop, have your own business or whatever.

The best advice seems to be on the LearnDirect website, which includes links to apprenticeship schemes, degree in formation etc. It's at target="blank">

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