How Can I Wear A Pinafore Dress Fashionably?


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donna jackson answered
A pinafore dress can be worn more fashionably, by paying attention to what you wear under it, and with it. If its denim,
wear colours that compliment that like a red stripey t.shirt
with a colour, white will also be good. Don't wear a low cut
shirt as it will look a mess with the straps of the pinafore and the line of the shirt.
If the pinafore is another colour other than denim choose a colour shirt, that compliments it with a jaunty cotton scarf on your head or on your neck, to bring it alive and keep the sporty look by not wearing too many necklaces or earings.
Wear flat shoes or ones with a small heel, like mary janes in a complimentary colour, teamed with a pair of cheeky coloured tights, this looks feminine but not to complicated.
In summer a tight vest that covers up your sides is enough, worn with a scarf to wake it up a bit.

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