Why Do Students Hate Teachers?


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There are several reasons why students may hate a teacher.

One of the main reasons that a student will hate a teacher is because the teacher is making the class very difficult and is not making much effort to help the student. When teachers make the materials difficult and they do not help the students, the student will turn against the teacher and think that the teacher really does not want to help them.

Another reason that a student may hate a teacher is because the teacher is mean to them. Some teachers do not understand students and will not give them the benefit of the doubt in many situations. Teachers do not always trust students and this creates a lot of bad feelings between the student and the teacher.

The students really do not hate the teacher as a person. They hate the actions that the teacher is or is not doing in the classroom.
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Bulldog im agreed with what you try to explain . This how my teacher trick me . I can't stand of it . My friend and i were trying to make this teacher out of our school. He talk a lot which everything is mostly not about the subject that he going to teacher us. He gets angry easily . Anyways thanks
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my science teacher's like that LOL;')
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I don't think they hate them..I think they just don't like being told what to do.by The teachers..... Take care..
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Because teachers make it hard to learn and their grade sytem is unfair.
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I think this may have something to do with the role of the teacher! They are a authoritive figure! The age of students is typically the teenager and infants, both age groups are head strong and always right! So rebeling against the authority is a usual occurance.
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Most students don't hate teachers. In fact many students like their teachers a lot!
A lot depends on what sort of school or college your attending and the attitude of both staff and students. It depends on your age groups, aims, experiences with education as to how an individual feels about teachers. Individual teachers and the selection of subjects is also very important.

Depending on age and what the educational experience has been like so far can influence people a lot.
Some students don't want to be at school and resent the establishment and institution, in these cases no matter what was on offer wouldn't be right.

In an educational environment where most of the students are highly motivated and focused on learning this attitude is less likely to prevail. If the general attitude of most of the students towards staff and education in general is a negative one then peer group pressure is difficult to resist.

Teachers have been students too - once.They are just human beings with a qualification and a skill and are doing their best to help students get an education which will help them go out into the world with a better chance of succeeding. It's give and take on both sides that helps make learning worthwhile. If students have a serious issue with a particular teacher it might be worth having a word with a student rep., or another teacher to see if the issue can be resolved.
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I don't hate my teachers because they're mean, I just hate them because they pick on me and annoy me too much!
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Totally agree one teacher hates me that much she wants me out of the school (b***)
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She told you this??? Talk with her one and one and she what she really has to say.
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Because some students think they're hard or really cool and act like they don't like teachers but some actually do! 
Glad to help.

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