How Do You Open A Home Health Care Agency?


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The instructions that follow pertain to a non-medical home care service in the U.S.A.  Requirements and regulations may be very different in another country and will require specific research.  Generally speaking however, a non-medical agency start-up is less complicated, has lower initial costs and requires less in the way of licensing and certification for the facility and its staff than would a nursing and rehab type of operation.


1. Decide if you are going to operate independently or with a franchise.

2. Contact your State licensing board for a package detailing requirements.

3. Set up the appropriate business entity through consultation with an attorney, CPA and

your state government website.

4. Obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS (IRS form


5. Register the business with the Secretary of State for your state.

6. Name the business and ensure availability, making provision for a website domain


7. Apply for city or county business license.

8. Interview, check references and hire the best caregivers available.

9. Find the best sources for referrals and apprise them of your agency.

These valuable, step-by-step suggestions and more for start-up in the U.S. Can be found on the website

In addition, you will need to enroll with, the National Association for Home Care and Hospice, the nation’s largest trade association for the industry.

A similar professional organization in the U.K. Is the United Kingdom Homecare Association Ltd. At 

The home health care industry is expected to expand over the next ten years, providing quality care to an aging population.  The availability of caregivers, substantial cost savings, new in-home technologies, patient preference and the increasing use of telemedicine will all facilitate the proliferation of home care services.  There is great potential here for careers that promise growth, stability and personal satisfaction.
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This would really depend upon where you stay, since the requisite permits and laws pertaining to health care would vastly differ depending on the area. You can get professional advice from a lot of trustworthy sources- I recommend you try the National Association for Home Care. You can visit their website for some detailed information. It is

Home Health Care is an upcoming field in the world of healthcare. It basically entails a whole range of social and health care services which are given at home to patients that are recuperating from some kind of injury or illness. In addition to a number of 'skilled' services like nursing these agencies also provide a wide range of non skilled services like feeding, bathing and dressing. Home health care agencies may either be non-profit agencies or for profit.
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If you are looking to start a home health care agency, I suggest you visit this website: Medicalstaffingmanuals
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Home care agency/Private Duty Home Care
All the information, operations manual, ready to use forms needed to run a successful home health agency business is provided, and On-going support from industry experts to ensure your success.
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I want to know how to get started on opening up home health agency in the state of fl
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I used a consultant to start my agency, here are a few: - Gives detailed information in regard to obtaining a Home Health Care License in your State (every state is different). - Home Care and Home Health Care Agency Training Seminars  - Home Care, Home Health Care and Medicare Training Seminars - How to open a Home Health Care Agency.

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