In Community Health Nursing, The Frequency Of Home Visits Would Depend Upon What?


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All nursing care provided to patients, whether in the home, office, clinic, hospital or Nursing home is dependent upon the orders of the patient's physician. Therefore, the number and frequency of Community Home Heath visits is also determined by the patient' s physician. The number and frequency of these visits is also restricted by the patient's insurance coverage whether that be through a Community Home Health Care system or any similar system of care.

Under President Bush's Health Care Centres Initiative we in the United States have more health care centres, which computes to greater medical care capacity, more centres means more competition and this creates service expansion. None of this is possible without the physician. Accountability in the provision of health care begins with and ends with the patient's physician. Thus, the exorbitant cost of physician liability insurance coverage.

Patients without medical care coverage can be treated in health care centres without cost to them. Yet, this care must involve the diagnosis, treatment and continuing care of the patient as determined by a physician. Even in centres where Physician Assistants see most patients, a physician is ultimately responsible for their actions.

Therefore, the number, frequency and time for Home Health Care visits is determined by the orders of a physician and often in compliance with the limits placed by the insurance coverage of the patient.

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