What Are The Disadvantages Of Shift Work?


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Would spoil your health....N routine life.
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Our world is increasingly becoming a place that is open 24hours! Every industry and sector is opening longer hours to adapt to the changing environment and participate more fully in international relations. Of course some industries (especially leisure) has always had working hours that vary.

Some disadvantages are:

You have to wait for a rota to know your free time.
You can start very early in the morning
You can work till very late at night
You may have difficulty getting transport between the hours of 12-6am (depending where you live!)
You might not be able to eat regular meals.
You're sleep pattern can be knocked about.
Generally people working shifts work more hours per week.
You might miss time with your partner or children
You may not be able to participate in social outings with friends who work a normal working week.
Due to the nature of work you could end up working overtime in response to the environment
Sometimes you can be working alone.
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The biggest disadvantage of night shift is that your duplicity will face 2 thousands problems and you have 2 leave your wife alone home during nights
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Currently, I am going through this with my boyfriend. He works ar Dam-art and the site he is situated at is closing down and is joining with another site. Already this other site is a 30-40min away and he does not drive and neither do I (yet). The work are going to place a bus from the old sight to the new sight for the time being but he has been said that he may have to take up shift work and the only way out of it is if he can find good reasons not to work shifts but his usually days. Any ideas??
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I think the biggest disavantage is the stress it puts on your body.
Whether you like or not , you have to get used to switching to night shift and a couple of day later you get back to day shift.
So it's hard physically and mentally.
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The disadvantage in working in night shift is you become a Pycho who wants to stay away from people , I am working in an absolute night shift and I am getting less money , please Sue my company and ask it to pay 40K per month.

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