What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working In The Medical Office?


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You make your advantages in working in a medical
office -

1) Caring for should like all ages

2) Behaviour and Interpersonal Skills

3) Become more experienced with your patients

The disadvantages

1) Encourages a sedentary lifestyle:

2) Payment could be less

3) Strains Your Eyes, health and regular routines

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Kat answered
You make your advantages in working in a medical office.  Caring for should like all ages, be able to sympathize with ones that need it, be able to judge seriousness of something that may come up or be on phone, and I call contacting with the people an advantage and serving them toward better health.  The disadvantages, at least in some offices such as mine and another I worked in, was there wasn't a 8 to 5 job, lunch hours can be minutes instead of an hour, breaks can happen or not, I've worked in a medical office, both pediatric and family practice clinics, and the advantage to me is well above any disadvantage I've run across.

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