How Can I Pass A Phone Interview ?


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Mark Westbrook answered
Stay calm, listen to the questions carefully and take your time to answer the questions. Be prepared to ask questions back and remember that it is harder to project your personality through a telephone interview than it is through face to face, so you may need to be a bit more bubbly than usual or a bit more sombre than usually, depending upon what you want to go for.

Like any interview, be polite and courteous. Make sure that you are relaxed but not lying down, make sure that you are loose and comfortable but neither naked nor wandering around your home like you have lost your master.

Be wary of silences, on the phone they are more difficult to deal with because they are an absence of your presence and your body language cannot fill in. Also, be wary of filling those silences with nonsense, speak when you need, to listen when you need, pause when you need to do so.

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